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a day in the life of ALA

I left the hotel at 7-ish and walked over to the Fairmont for my Printz meeting. Along the way, I paused to take a few snaps showing what is going on outside whilst I am inside.

Here is a sign advertising the Art Show taking place this weekend along Michigan Avenue. And in case there was any doubt, take a look at this, American Gothic Texas style

Then, I crossed the river and headed to the hotel.

Between morning and afternoon Printz sessions, I was part of an audio panel with many of my Sisterhood of the Best.Committee.Ever (that's Odyssey Committee to the newer readers of the blog). Here is Connie Rockman listening intently.

And here is the appreciative audience waiting for the session to get underway:

Then, mre Printz. Now I am back in my room to prepare for the Newbery Banquet. I will try to send some tweets and pix from the event.
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