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11 July 2009 @ 06:43 am
cab ride suckage and glorious dinner  
Was in Skokie yesterday in meetings for USBBY. Shared a cab back to the city which took 90 minutes. All with no AC. The cabbie could not find location of any of the reception hotels. He finally let me out of the cab and told me i was NEAR my destination (was not). I managed to flag another cab and made it to dinner with Candlewick (thanks, Sharon, Jenny, Jennifer, Kathleen). I hope I did not offend the folks who had to sit next to me. Dinner was the saving grace of the day. Kate DiCamillo's new book is fabulous (The Magician's Elephant) and conversation was more sparkling than the water I was chugging into my dehydrated body. Here are a few snapshots from the evening. They are a tad dark given the setting of the nifty private room complete with tufted red velvet walls and spotlights and old portraits. Very Moulin Rouge-ish.

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