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It is nice to be home for a little while. The kids are listening to audiobooks in the bedroom (they finished RULES OF THE ROAD this weekend and now are pawing through the ones I have on the shelf. That gives me time to do some reading as well. Last night I read Michael Simmons' new novel, VANDAL. POOL BOY, his first, was a novel that demonstrated this new guy had talent. FINDING LUBCHENKO proved he was no one trick wonder. Now in VANDAL, Simmons creates a memorable character in Will. Will plays in a KISS tribute band, argues with his little sister about wearing her seat belt, and would love to strangle his older brother Jason, just back from juvvie. How do all these fit together into the story? Readers will discover the answers in this fast paced novel. Short chapters are sure to lure readers into the novel. What will keep them there are the characters and events that unfold as Will begins his junior year of high school.
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