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move over Nancy

Drew, that is. I devoured the Nancy Drew books when I was a tween. If this book had been around, it would have been a perfect book for me. I listened to this book as I was driving hither and yon (are those Texas terms) over the last week or so.

Sophie, Margaret, and Rebecca are all students in the 7th grade at St. Veronica's Catholic School. Before you can say "Holy, Nancy Drew!" they are smack in the middle of a mystery. A gift from a long gone father to his daughter is hidden somewhere in the church. There are clues for the girls to follow, of course. The clues involve some pretty fancy thinking, too. Charming characters, including some eccentric ones, some novel twists and turns (shades of Charles Dickens no less), and a totally satisfying conclusion make this a near perfect tween book. Please, may we have some more???
Tags: audiobooks, tween books
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