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back to life, back to reality

The final post wedding activities are done (except for the pics which still need to be uploaded). The couple is safely in the V.I. and officially having a "blast" according to their text yesterday. I finally had some time this morning to pick up some new picture books to read. They are actually F & G's (and the first time I heard that term I thought it was an effing G) of forthcoming picture books from Scholastic. Here goes.

After her father returns from the war, a young girl heads off one morning to go hunting with the man wh is practically a stranger. They share a magical day, becoming reacquainted as father and daughter in the process. In some ways, the story reminds me of OWL MOON: spare and lyrical with breathtaking illustrations by Bagram Ibatoulline (who did the ones for Kate DiCamillo's MIRACULOUS JOURNEY OF EDWRD TULANE). Quiet, reflective, and musical: this is the hallmark of Lowry's writing.

UJrsula LeGuin offers some insight into the content of a cat's dream in this cozy picture book. Cats dream of huge bowls of kibble and cream, of being lulled to sleep by a flock of jays, of raining mice. Most of all, cats love to seek out the safety of a beloved lap for good dreams and gentle purring.
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