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Since I am serving on the Quick Picks Committee for YALSA, I am reading loads of nonfiction as well as books in different formats. I thought I might share a few of the nonfiction titles that will appeal to even the most reluctant reader. I know that as a classically educated English teacher, I never had a class in nonfiction let alone a class in how to use nonfiction with teens. If you want a terrific professional book on the subject, get Abrahamson and Carter's NONFICTION FOR YOUNG ADULTS; FROM DELIGHT TO WISDOM (Oryx Press). In the meantime, here are two recommendations from recent nonfiction.

TOP SECRET by Paul Janeczko. Janeczko is better known for being a poet and anthologist. In this nonfiction book, he turns to the history of codes and ciphers and other types of secret writing. Kids are given examples of different types of codes and ciphers and a whole lot more in an easily accessible text. BTW, if you are looking for some great poetry ideas, check out Paul's OPENING A DOOR, too.

I AM JESSE JAMES. No, not the outlaw, the guy who pimps out the bikes. This nonfiction book looks more at the artistry of James than it does his life. For kids who love West Coast Choppers and Pimp My Ride, this is a terrific choice.
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