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The Last Domino

I still remember the annotation someone on the Quick Picks Committee gave for this book. One gun plus two boys equals danger. How apt for this tense and intense novel about a young man named Travis, a misfit in his high school, who becomes friends with the new kid, Daniel, ostensibly yet another misfit. Travis, still reeling from the suicide of his beloved older brother Richie is easily manipulated by Daniel. Before long, Travis rejects relationships with anyone except Daniel. Now the two concoct a list of those who deserve to die violently. Daniel coaches the susceptible Travis beautifully right to the startling climax of the novel. Relentlessly, it moves on as Travis becomes almost a killing automaton. This uncompromising story is sure to upset some and challenge others. It already, though, resonates with teens who face bullying daily in schools across the US. Recently, one of my teens told me of a young man being tormented at school because he is gay. Despite all we know about how the victims sometimes become the perpetrators, schools allow a safe haven for bullies.
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