professornana (professornana) wrote,

reading and writing on the river

Had a wonderful day yesterday listening to Bob Probst, Kylene Beers, and Sara Kadjer talk about reading and writing and tech. Couple hundreds educators gathered in San Antonio for a 3 day institute with these literacy leaders. Last night we gathered for dinner along with author Kathi Appelt. Lovely time.

Now, a new day at the institute. Kathi got us underway this morning with a writing workshop. Kylene is leading the group through a reading activity. I am planning to drive back home this afternoon and take care of final wedding details. I am still in denial: how can my grandkid be getting married? But this weekend one of the former residents of the back bedroom will become a wife. Bittersweet time for me. Been thinking about her childhood. We looked at photos of her childhood this weekend and laughed and cried.

Will finish listening to RED BLAZER GIRLS on the drive home this afternoon. Stay tuned.

And here is a new photo of Scout enjoying the new container I bought for the car to hold all my "stuff."

Tags: listening, reading, writing
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