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Admission: I adore Sharon Creech and her books. So, when a copy of THE UNFINISHED ANGEL arrived in the mail, I set the slim volume off to the side to take along with me today at the hairdressers. As my gray hair disappeared and transformed into a more "natural" color, I read. Then as soon as I could when I got back home, I read it all the way to the end. An angel who watches over a small town in the Swiss Alps, crosses paths with a determined American girl named Zola who is there to help her father set up a school. Life for them both will never be the same.

Angels, invented an inventive language abounds: impressifies, peoplealities and this gem: "An angel does not need a bed, but sometimes I think the bed needs an angel." or this "Mr. Pomodoro's hair in bed mess and his shoulders are aslump." I could go on, but instead urge you to place an order for the book (Joanna Cotler/Harper, Sept. 2009) and experience it for yourself. Word play and wordsmithing make a terrific combination in this story of angels among us.
Tags: sharon creech
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