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finally, a book

This has been a hectic time and will continue until bride to be becomes bride in 10 days. Spending most of my time running errands and printing maps and making up welcome bags for out-of-town guests, and doing all sorts of other things. Add to that new summer classes and there has been little time for reading of late. I did pick up this gem and read it this morning.

Lisa Yee's BOBBY VS GIRLS ACCIDENTALLY is exactly what it appears to be from the cover (great drawings by Dan Santat, too), a funny look at life in the tween years. Bobby is going into 4th grade with some rather low expectations (third grade was not much fun). A new teacher might just e the ticket to a terrific year, though. But his good friend Holly is changing, and Bobby is unsure how this will affect their friendship. And then there is his Dad, former football player and not stay-at-home Mr. Mom. Bobby deals with all of the various slings and arrows of everyday life, and readers will surely empathize with him and his family and friends. Short chapters, plenty of good humor and funny situations, but also more than a touch of how to deal with serious stuff, too. There is a lot to like in this little book.
Tags: lisa yee, tweens
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