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Ovid (yup, his parents named him after in the poet) is a junior in high school. His life is a series of ever since his older sister, Thena (Athena), ran away from home after some unsuccessful time in rehab for a meth addiction. Ovid's parents are a little, well, overprotective right now. And it grates on him. There are other changes, too. Some of his friends are hooking up and breaking up and then hooking up with other people. His art is also changing as he begins to paint his friends' lives into their portraits. Keeping a journal is what keeps Ovid sane and readers of Betsy Franco's first YA novel, METAMORPHOSIS (Candlewick, October 2009) will have the chance to see what will happen in this auspicious year in the life of Ovid. Poems, reflections, pieces of Ovid's life all contribute to a lyrical examination of one teen's rather dramatic year.
Tags: ya books
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