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Well, not really reading with my eyes, but reading with my ears. I drove yesterday from Orlando to Pompano and then back again today. Reason? I am here in Florida for a YA seminar tomorrow and drive down to say HI to my Dad since I had some time. It also gave me the chance to listen to an audio book. I selected TRAVEL TEAM in honor of my sports-loving Dad. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, rain and all, and hardly noticed the miles and hours passing as I listened to the story of Danny, a kid too short to make the 7th grade travel team. His dad, a former NBA player, comes home for a visit and convinces Danny and a rag tag bunch to form another 7th grade travel team for the competition, a competition he helped win when he was in 7th grade. I think kids will join me in loving the play by play action of the games and the details of the practices leading up to the big games. There are some wonderful family moments and a burgeoning romance as well. All in all, a wonderful listening experience.

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