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you better not pout

Though I am here at BEA, I am aware of the Pout-a-thon being held by those who could not come this year. So, PaT folks, look away now.

Today was the APAC (Audio Publishers Association Conference) for me. I did a panel with Tim Ditlow, Dan Bostick, Ellen Myrick, David Watson, and Jordon Sonnenblick on the issue of "labeling" audio. My 8 minutes was devoted to talking about why labels/levels/lexiles do not work. I was not the lone voice, of course. However, there are issues here beyond intellectual freedom: sales and business issues. I learned a lot. I joined Odyssey pals Mary Burkey (check out her Audiobooker blog at Booklist) and Sue-Ellen Beaurogard and we attended a session on genre fiction with narrators and producers on the panel. Cool. Again, learned a lot. Favorite phrase: "State of the heart" versus state of the art.

Back in the room now. Tomorrow, the exhibits open at 9 and I have 90 minutes to roam the exhibits and see what books are available. Should be fun. OK, you can go back to the P-a-T.
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