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On our return from vacation last week, I discovered this gem in the stack of mail.

The second book in the Hunger Games trilogy!!! I made myself put it aside so I could have time to read it straight through which I did today during the trip from Houston to NYC for BEA. As people were boarding a young adult saw the book and stopped in the aisle. "Is that the seoond book in THE HUNGER GAMES? How did you get one? Could you give it to me when you're done?" all came out in one breath. The woman across the aisle leaned in to see what all the fuss was about.Yes, I did a booktalk right there on Continental Flight #40. Then, I dove headfirst into the book.

No spoilers here as we have been asked to be circumspect so that others can enjoy the book when it pubs in September (Scholastic). However, rest assured that this book will do more than please those who loved The Hunger Games. There is action aplenty. However, since Katniss and Peeta have survived the games, there is also more reflection as they grow as characters as well. Twists and turns, plots and betrayals, and a cliff hanger of an ending. Phew! What a ride it was.

Now I need to turn my attention to APAC and BEA. NY is delightfully cool (in the 60s right now) and I am far enough above the crowded streets to enjoy the view and the distant noise. And I have two more books to take up my time between now and 9 am Friday when the exhibits open.
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