professornana (professornana) wrote,

manga meets max

The lovely and talented and kick butt athlete Linda Benson sent me the manga version of James Patterson's MAXIMUM RIDE (Yen Press, 2009) for a VOYA review. I must say that I approached it with mixed feelings. I really enjoyed reading MAXIMUM RIDE when it was released lo these many years ago. And I am not a huge fan of manga. Somehow I did not think the two would make a good fit. I was wrong. Max and Angel and Gassy and Fang and Iggy all look terrific reimagined in NaRae Lee's stylized manga illustrations. The action scenes are almost Batman like with plenty of grunts and onomatopoeic sound effects. Fans of manga will eat this up. I will be curious to see how Patterson fans will react to this format.
Tags: manga, voya, ya books, yen press
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