professornana (professornana) wrote,

long wait is almost over

Set for release in the fall (September, 2009, Random House), this novel combines mystery, time travel (perhaps), high school cliques, bullying, romance, death and grief, and so much more in a story that reels readers in from the first paragraph and keeps them absorbed and off-kilter as it careens over the course of a few days (or more maybe) in the lives of Kelly, the football hero and Patrick, his sidekick and devoted friend, and Jenna, the cheerleader who loves Kelly and whom Patrick adores from afar.

Kelly wakes up one morning a changed man, literally. He solemnly informs Patrick and Jenna that he is actually a middle aged man living in an insane asylum 20 years in the future, He has come back to right an awful wrong from his past. Patrick and Jenna chalk his erratic behavior up to senior-itis, but eventually Kelly's actions demand the friends accept more of his story and follow along with Kelly as he tries to correct an injustice and maybe put things back in order.

Joaquin Dorfman offers readers something different, demanding, and definitely, deliriously..well, you fill in the rest.
Tags: sci-fi, ya books
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