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trouble is...

Henry's father has always said that if you build a house far away from Trouble, it will not find you. Nice sentiment. However, Henry is learning that sometimes Trouble finds you no matter where you try to hide. One day Henry's brother Franklin is a royal pain in the butt and the next day he is lying injured in the hospital. His left arm is gone and the injury to Franklin's brain might be so severe as to cause permanent damage. Franklin utters one word to Henry during this terrible time in the hospital: Katahdin, the name of a mountain he once asked Henry to scale with him. Now, Henry feels drawn to Katahdin. Somehow he must climb this peak to prove to himself and to Franklin that he can survive Trouble.

Schmidt has written a novel that draws readers in. There are twists and turns aplenty, rather like the climb up Katahdin. Danger waits along with Trouble. However, even in the middle of the Trouble, there is something redemptive. Sometimes it is a friend with a fierce sense of humor, sometimes it is a sister with whom there are strong ties to the past. And sometimes there is just the Black Dog.
Tags: ya books
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