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brief interlude

I am taking a few minutes from the lovely scenery outside the window which is beckoning me (sand and surf and sun) to post some thoughts on the books I read yesterday during our flight here.

I love David Levithan and think his books have explored some rather primitive territory. I still require BOY MEETS BOY for my YA class so that I can talk about magical realism in YA and just because some of it makes me laugh and some of it makes me angry and some of it makes me cry. Guess what? LOVE IS THE HIGHER LAW (Knopf, August 2009) did exactly the same thing. This novel, set on 9-11 at the outset, examines that dark day and the days after, when time was marked in BEFORE and AFTER for us all. Three teens, whose lives intersect, speak in clarion and distinct voices about their own experiences and how that day shaped everything that was to follow. I think my husband was starting to grow weary of me interrupting his own book so I could read aloud passages to him, but he did agree that this is some kind of wonderful book. The rhythm is here even though this is not a novel in verse (and I wonder if it was in some draft just that?), a rhythm that drives the reader ever forward through the dust and debris to the eventual grieving process. Claire, Jasper, and Peter, wonderfully idiosyncratic characters, could just as easily become the EveryTeen in how they navigate the events of September 11th and the aftermath of the attacks. Honest, evocative, lyrical. And so much more.
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