professornana (professornana) wrote,

eternal-ly grateful

Three stories (or are there more or less stories??) are featured in this graphic novel by Gene Yang and and Derek Kirk Kim. The Cheshire Cat smile that grins from the bright yellow cover seems to draw readers in. And there is a tad of the Alice in Wonderland twisted fantasy element here. Duncan is the "hero" of our first story. He slays the Frog King to win the hand of the princess. But are his feats real or is he being manipulated? And why is the dream of the crying woman so troubling? Gran'pa Greenbax, a greedy frog (where have we seen him before?) wants enough gold to dive into). However, is Greenbax in control of his own life and fate? Is this something he shares with Duncan? The third story features a meek cubicle employee who falls for the Nigerian prince email fraud. Or does she? Nothing is as it seems in this book where color and line and text all combine with glorious results.
Tags: graphic novels
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