professornana (professornana) wrote,

plane old day

The flight was on time (whoa) and I scored a middle row seat in class (2 good 2 be true). So, here are the books I read.

Addie lives with her mother in a trailer on a corner lot surrounded by businesses. Mommers is divorced from Addie's stepfather, Dwight, who has custody of the Littles, Addie's two half sisters. Mommers somehow cannot manage to be a mother: she cannot hold a job and does not like to do more than chat oline and argue with reality TV. Thankfully for Addie, she makes friends with the owners of the gas station and quick mart: Soula and Elliott. Can Addie form her own family and support system? At 11, she should not have to do all she has taken on. Winner of the Schneider Award (Addie is dyslexic), this would be a lovely companion to HIGHER POWER OF LUCKY and EVERYTHING IS FINE.
Tags: tween books
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