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up in the air and bumping along

It seems like only yesterday I was on the road and that is not far from the truth as I returned from ALA midwinter on Tuesday night. So, I have been home long enough to do laundry and repack, check mail at the office, teach a class, and get a filling replaced before hopping a plane to Florida today. I managed to read the new Richard Peck galley, HERE LIES THE LIBRARIAN, in the short flight from Houston here. What a laugh riot. Librarians will adore this novel as will my sister the NASCAR freak. So, you can see there is quite a range of readership available. This historical novel is set in Indiana and opens as 4 library students apply for the position of the town librarian. They are all women from wealthy backgrounds and real feminists for their time. They offer to split the salary 4 ways and their families all pony up some nice donations as well. However, the focus of the story is PeeWee, whose older brother runs a garage on the outskirts of town. I do not want to give too much away as there are several surprises in store for readers. Needless to say, Peck is at the top of his game here.

This past week I finished two other books. I hate to admit that it took me this long to get around to reading SIGN OF THE QIN, but it did. Now, I am primed for Book 2 in this wonderful action adventure fantasy with liberal sprinklings of kung fu. I also am rather tardy in learning that LG Bass is Laura Gehringer. Oh well, see what you miss when you put a book on a shelf and then don't find it again for a year or so.

And last but not least I read DRUMS GIRLS AND DANGEROUS PIE and loved the fresh voice of author Jordan Sonneblick. Of course, when Frank McCourt gives you a lovely blurb for the back cover of your book, how could anyone not dive in? My kids who love books with a touch of pathos will eat this one with a spoon as will my nephew the drummer, I think.

I head off tomorrow to Palm Beach (yeah, I know, tough life) to see my Dad for a couple of days before returning here for a YA seminar on Wednesday. I brought along an audio book and should have plenty of time on the scenic Florida turnpike to complete that one, too.

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