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put on your dancing shoes and read

Rosie is not having the best of summers. Her mother seems to have all but disappeared from her life. She may or may not be involved with her employer, a married man. Rosie's mother directs Rosie to spend time with her grandfather who is dying. So she spends her days helping to clear out the clutter of his life. Her best friend is away working for the summer. Her might-be boyfriend is also scarce. And then Rosie sees the House of Dance. First lesson's free. Rosie hopes that learning to dance might just help restore some of her grandfather's passion for life.

Spare language, short chapters both create a sort of episodic structure that keeps readers wondering what will happen next. This is a quiet book. one with appeal to female readers. I particularly enjoyed all the old songs and singers as I grew up listening to the same music on vinyl at home.
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