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I have been recommending GOING BOVINE since I saw the cover some months ago.

What more could one want? Really. Then, the ARC arrived (thanks, Adrienne) and I dove into the actual book and all I have to say is OMG, I was so right from the get go. Place your order now, folks, and join Cameron, Gonzo and Dulcie and all of the other irresistibly warm and strange and weird characters that inhabit the novel.

Cameron is a pretty typical high school student slash stoner until one fateful day when his body goes out of control. Many tests later (and not the dreaded school tests known as SPEW) it is determined that Cameron has mad cow disease. So, is this another story of a hip youth (think Rob Thomas in RATS SAW GOD) facing death with his too cooly ironic sense of humor until his illness makes him a better human being? No effing way. This is Libba Bray, man, and you should know to expect the extraordinary. Yes, indeed, extraordinary. Twists and turns like no roller coaster ever envisioned. Comic send up of all things pop culture (MTV, reality programming, school accountability, and more), wry observations by yard gnomes, angels, and Don Quixote.

Order it now (through an indie bookstore, please) and set aside time to read it and then more time to re-read it. Write down the margins, read it aloud (I did read lots of passages to the hubby) and then get it into the hands of lots of readers. They will surely thank you.
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