professornana (professornana) wrote,

don't know what is IS but it's NONfiction

Phillip Hoose has long been a favorite of mine in the field of nonfiction for young adults. CLAUDETTE COLVIN: TWICE TOWARD JUSTICE should once again demonstrate to others that nonfiction can be alive and captivating even as it informs. I already knew the story of Claudette Colvin. I had read about her in Ellen Levine's FREEDOM'S CHILDREN and other texts and stories of the Civil Rights Movement. What more could Hoose's book add? A lot as it turns out. Colvin's role in the bus boycott and her role in the case that eventually ruled the bus segregation illegal was key. Hoose blends Colvin's own words from interviews with historical documents and reports to spin an engrossing tale that lets readers know that one person can make a difference.

Bob Small has commented on more than one occasion that nonfiction is the only genre defined by what it is NOT. I wonder from time to time if this is what keeps it from being used more in classrooms and in recreational reading?
Tags: nonfiction, ya books
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