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Picture this scenario: You are a junior. It should be a good year: prom is coming, your grades are holding steady, you have a best friend who shares you interests. How can it all go so wrong so fast? But it does for Mitchell. First, his best friend announces he is gay over lunch in the cafeteria. Them, Mitch's project for THE GRAPES OF WRATH (which, BTW, he did not read) is a video that sparks parental complaints and the possible dismissal of the English teacher. Add in a hot girl who wants to go to the prom with Mitch to get back at her ex and you have the makings of a hilarious coming of age novel. Of course chapter titles such as THE MASTURBATION CHAPTER which opens with quotes from THE GRAPES OF WRATH could be a factor as well.
Tags: coming of age, humor, ya books
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