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picture book Monday returns after a brief hiatus

Since I was at NJLA last week, I did not have the chance to open book boxes. My office, upon my return, looked like the return slot for NYPL after a 2 week swine flu closing. However, I have shelved about 90% of the books and also managed to read a few picture books for this post. After this, though, it is back to grading.

GRANDPAPPY SNIPPY SNAPPIES is the story of a grandfather who solves problems by snapping his suspenders. Ultimately, though, the snippy snappies lose their ability to snap back (kind of like me on a Monday) and Grandpappy has to resort to other measures. Bouncy rhythm to the poetic text and lots of hilarity in the illustrations will make this a terrific choice for reading aloud along with some "readers theater". (HarperCollins)

From absurd to touching. Here is MY LOVE WILL BE WITH YOU. The text is quiet in its poetry as different fathers (dolphin, monkey, pigeon and human) tell their children that their love will always be with them as they wander out on their own. (HarperCollins, 2009)

HEART OF TEXAS is an alphabet book that provides tons of information about the Lone Star state. It would make an excellent model for kids to pen their own book about their own states. (HarperCollins, 2009)

When asked in math class to solve the problem of ten times seven, a young girl's brain explodes and the math attack in underway. Trouble ensues (of course) until she can recall the answer. However, the next day... (FSG, 2009)

Jon Agee is back with PALINDROMANIA (FSG, 2009). "LONELY TYLENOL" joins "MAO FOAM" on the product shelf.A hike includes YWAN WAY and LIAR TRAIL and YELL ALLEY. Lots of fun.


How about a day when the answer to every question is a YES? (HarperCollins, 2009)
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