professornana (professornana) wrote,

limos, planes, and automobiles

Interesting travel day yesterday. My friend and I went out for breakfast so I could have corned beef hash before heading home. Picked up hubby's 2 doz bagels and went back to finish packing. Car service ran late and I arrived at airport in just enough time to check luggage and head to the gate and board. Bumpy flight the entire trip as we rose above the storms between NY and TX. Landed close to on time and went to car. Dead battery. With everything electronic on the car, bad news. Called for a jump. Lovely woman parking garage employee gave me the jump and I headed home. Hurray! Travel day was long but so nice to come home and sleep in own bed.

Had bagel for breakfast and it was just as tasty as the ones I enjoyed in NY. We have enough to last a couple of weeks and will replenish when I return to NY at the end of the month for BEA. We have a faculty picnic, weather permitting, today. Nat is working the church's spring festival instead to get in her service hours for Honor Society. So, a day without kids...but with kids (baby goats)...
Tags: travel tales
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