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not your typical fairy tale

A KISS IN TIME by Alex Flinn (HarperCollins, 2009) takes aim at Sleeping Beauty with some nifty twists. Talia has been told to avoid spindles. She has never known why nor even quite what a spindle is. However, she has lived a rather sedate and protected existence until the eve of her 16th birthday. While she is selecting gowns for all of the parties which will celebrate her birthday, Talia arrives in a room she has never seen. Inside is an old woman whose dresses are exactly what Talia desires. Of course, the old woman is Malvolia in disguise and before you can blink, Talia has pricked her finger and fallen into a sleep. The entire kingdom of Euphrasia falls into the same slumber. Only the kiss from Talia's true love can break the spell.

Three hundred years pass before Jack, off on a boring tour of European cities, strays from the tour from hell and ultimately finds himself uncovering the lost kingdom of Euphrasia and the sleeping Talia. How will Talia and her country deal with a very new century and a new reality that does not include Euphrasia? Is Jack truly her destiny? What will happen now that everyone is awake again?

Alex Flinn alternates narratives between Talia and Jack to give readers a 360 degree tour of the fairy tale and her reconceptualization of it. Romance, adventure, and lots of humor await readers.
Tags: fairy tales, ya books
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