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Just completed Alan Sitomer's THE HOOPSTER, a book originally published by a vanity press and then picked up by Hyperion. It is nominated for the QP list. Three friends shoot hoops in the neighborhood. Ced is the comedian of the group; Shawn is white and seems to have it made. Andre is an apprentice, working at a magazine and longing to write something worthy of publication. The stories of all 3 teens intersect when Andre publishes a piece on racism and is attacked by a white supremacy group for his article. This book has little to do with shooting hoops although the title and cover would lead readers to surmise otherwise. I have mixed feelings about this book. Certainly, it deals with an issue of importance to all teens: racism and its many faces. However, I wonder if perhaps teens will feel they are being sold something other than what the wrapping suggests? BEAST by Walter Dean Myers deals with this same issue (racism) and BLACK AND WHITE by Paul Volponi tackles the basketball scene more adeptly. I think many kids will pick up the book. I will be interested in seeing their reactions after reading.
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