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Good Will

A quick post before I shower and pack and get ready for my morning presentation on new books for NJLA. Yesterday was lovely: the weather was closer to what is normal here (it was 95 when I got here Sunday). The preconferece was packed; I got to meet some online folks whose names I knew and now I have faces to go with. The NJ librarians asked terrific questions and really got involved in talking about tweens. Quick dinner after signing some of my books (and I will never, ever get over how that feels) and then it was time to listen to Will Manley. He made us snort with laughter for about an hour. While I was sitting in the ballroom, my knee started throbbing. I figured it was just from standing during the precon but it must be more since the bloody thing kept me up most of the night. OUCH!!!

After the presentation and signing, I head off to visit my pal in Nyack for a few days and talk to the STAC (St Thomas Acquinas College) Literacy group on Thursday. Then it is back home for a few days before heading off on the next adventure. I got spoiled being home for a long stretch and miss my hubby and Scout and the resident of the back bedroom (who is AP Bio Student of the Year, thank you very much, and was inducted in the Spanish Honor Society as well and who even managed to read MARCELO IN THE REAL WORLD in addition to CRY THE BELOVED COUNTRY).

I hope to get some reading in tomorrow. Started KISS IN TIME by Alex Flinn but did not have time for more than the first couple of chapters. More later...
Tags: njla
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