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rocking on

Dylan's summer has not exactly been stellar. His mother has left and gone off to Paris with her art teacher. His wirkaholic gynecologist father is away from home more than he is there. Dylan's older brother seems determined to sit around smoking weed and jamming with his band. His friend Angie is home from camp but Dylan is avoiding her. What more could go wrong? How about getting arrested for shoplifting underwear while carrying pot for your brother? Yes, things could be better.

Dylan is a "fixer" of sorts. He wants to help Randy get back to the creative musician he once was, to help his father stop using work as an avoidance technique, and much more. It is difficult for Dylan; he cannot fix everything or to accept that some things may not need fixing to begin with. Coming to terms with change is one of the more difficult struggles for teens (and some of us adults as well). April Lurie's deft characterization of Dylan is sure to help teens empathize with his predicament. Although Dylan is not always skilled in his attempts to make things right, his heart is good and he accepts responsibility for his actions.
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