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rock on Lauren Myracle

Fellow LJer Lauren Myracle knows good music when she hears it. CSN and Y is one of Carly's favorites on her iPod playlist (mine, too). Carly has it all; she has been reared as a child of privilege. Private school, maids to clean house, expensive clothes and haircuts. But Carly has never seemed to fit in comfortably in Buckhead. She prefers tie-dyed to haute couture and simple sandals to expensive footwear. Her sister Anna, an incoming freshman at the tony Holy Redeemer school, is another story. Somehow, since Carly was gone over the summer, Ana has blossomed into a young woman. Carly and Anna's relationship, once easy-peasy, is now a rocky road. Jokes fall flat; Carly's "rules" do not seem to suit Anna or Carly's former BFF Peyton.

Lauren Myracle has fashioned a thoughtful book about two teens who are renegotiating their sibling relationship at the same time they are navigating the choppy waters of dealing with parents who seem obsessed with appearances, and teachers who seem bent on making high school hellish (even in a Catholic school!), and (gulp) boys. Carly and Anna's love for each other is sorely tested. Neither knows who to trust, who to love, who to avoid. These are tough life lessons, ones that readers can learn about in the safe confines of this novel that blends serious issues with quite a bit of great good humor, some fashion, and music, too. I particularly liked the structure of the book (3 sections: Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks, of course) and the titles of each chapter/ Might be interesting to make a list of the chapter titles and see how much teens could discern about the book before reading it (or is that giving away too much?). As the oldest sib in my family, I <3 Carly. I suspect the resident of the back room will <3 Anna and empathize more with her. I love that about this book.
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