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Arthur meets CSI

Though the opening of this historical novel did not immediately grab me, I persevered. I abide by the 50 page rule with most books. Give it 50 pages and see if the story pulls you in. Well, it did not take all 50 before I was intrigued. Here is the Arthur of legend and lore embroiled in a murder. The chief suspect of the murder of the young woman is Merlin. This could end Arthur's quest for power. And so he enlists the help of a former battle mate, Malgwyn. Malgwyn, who lost an arm in battle has fallen into more than a deep depression; he is a drunk who has abandoned all those once near to him. He reluctantly agrees to follow Arthur and to try to solve the murder. Think of Gill Grisson teaming up with the various folks in Arthur's circle of friends (Sir Kay, i.e.) and you have somewhat of an understanding of where this novel goes. Lots of gore, battles, treason, and some Merlin magic make it an interesting and absorbing read.
Tags: arthur, mysteries
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