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picture book Monday

The meeting is over (nothing like ending the meeting with lunch out) and I thought I would quickly post about some new picture books before tackling the next project.

Sung to the tune of "The Old Grey Mare" (do folks still know this one), this song was popular during Lincoln's time. Jim Aylesworth has added some new lyrics and uses the song now to tell the story of Abe Lincoln and his rise to national prominence. Barbara McClintock has designed a tableau of illustrations in which elementary students are putting on a play about Lincoln's life. This rather bizarre juxtaposition works to make the book A) accessible to young readers and B) breathe new life into some familiar territory. (Scholastic, 2009)

Max does not want to color a picture of a flower for Mother's Day; he wants to draw and color his own picture. Max's idea appeals to the other students in class and before long each Mother receives a unique gift from her child. (Charlesbridge, 2009).

The story of creation is told in this cumulative tale that also examines ancient cave paintings and how they communicate to us today about the concerns of ancient man. Look at the other Teri Sloat books (THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN WHO SWALLOWED A TROUT for instance), too. (Holt, 2009)
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