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The cover is not exactly right; this is the cover for an older paperbackj edition from a different publisher. Coming from Little Brown (November 2009) is a new edition of THE UNUSUAL MIND OF VINCENT SHADOW. This perfect middle grades (4-6 grade) book follows the wacky inventions of one Vincent Shadow. When Vincent gets an idea for an invention (*and his are for new toys), he can see nothing else, literally. His mother built him a secret lab in the attic of his NYC home and Vincent has been hard at work on items such as the Fib Finder Pen (which has a polygraph built into the pen) and a water gun that refills itself from the humidity in the air. Now there is a contest for best new toy, one that Vincent might just win. Of course, nothing will run smoothly on the path to invention.

Mean stepsisters and stepmother, an eccentric inventor, and various other characters combine to make this a story that combines stereotypes and archetypes. Vincent is a compelling young man and one can only hope for more of his adventures down the road.
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