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rapp-ing myself in a book

Adam Rapp's latest novel, PUNKZILLA (Candlewick, May 2009), is another gritty and grim look at a disenfranchised teen who needs the help of strangers since his own parents have failed him. Jamie is 14 and traveling cross country to be with his older brother who is dying of cancer. Jamie has left the military academy his parents sent him to, escaped via hitchhiking and a bus ride. The story, told through letters to and from Jamie and his family, is non-linear giving readers an interesting glimpse into the confusion that is Jamie's life. Predators and angels litter the path Jamie takes from Portland, Oregon, to Memphis, Tennessee. Readers will be unable to abandon Jamie once they meet him in the first pages of the book.

Spring has sprung...into early summer. Today the temps will be 80+. It is glorious outside right now. Perhaps I will get oyut for a bit. Right now, I have a deadline staring at me.
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