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Picture Books Part Two

Allen Say gives readers another beautiful book in ERIKA-SAN (Houghton Mifflin, 2009). Erika is enthralled by a picture of a house in her grandfather's native Japan. When she graduates from college, she accepts a teaching position in Japan. When she arrives, she is overwhelmed by all of the crowds and noise and keeps asking to be placed farther and farther from the city. Ultimately, she discovers the tiny town ideal for her. As always, spare text and beautifully "framed" illustrations provide an artistic experience for the reader.

This reissue of a 1994 book, THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS, features woodcuts by the master Michael McCurdy. The text of the address is presented here a few lines at a time with painstakingly detailed cuts illuminate the text and, IMHO, make them so much more accessible to younger and older readers alike.

Gentle, internal rhymes and bold geometric shaped collages combine in this celebration of the things children know. I KNOW A LOT OF THINGS (Chronicle, 2009) might just make kids open their eyes to the world around them.

A note: Most of the books in these first two postings are from Chronicle Books since I just received a shipment of books from them. I promise there are works from other publishers forthcoming. Thanks to HM and Chronicle for the books, too!
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