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Monday posts on picture books, Part I

Little Oink (Chronicle Books, 2009) loves being a pig, all except for the part about having to be messy. Oink loves neat and tidy. When his parents order him to mess up his room, he does so reluctantly and then heads off to his treehouse where he can clean to his heart's content. Pay attention to the illustrations for some quiet funny observations (i.e., contents of the trough at piggy school).

BIG RABBIT'S BAD MOOD (Chronicle, 2009) is all about a bad mood that grows and festers and devours all that should be fun and good in Rabbit's life. The Bad Mood is shown as it grows and does horrible things like wiping its boogers on the floor. In some ways, the drawing of Bad Mood reminds me of ELBERT'S BAD WORD by the Woods. However, the story itself is quite different.

DINOSAURS ROAR, BUTTERFLIES SOAR (Chronicle, 2009) tells of the coexistence of the two disparate life forms until the event that caused the saurs to become extinct but left the butterflies alive and well and present today.
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