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things to do while waiting for the cable guy...

Read, of course. Had to stick around the house to wait for the DTV guy to install service today. Good excuse to read the new book from Patrick Jones, NAILED. WOW! Blew me away. Meet Bret. His life is miserable thanks to bullies at school, a father who seems to hate everything about his own son, and his lack of a girl in his life. Things change (which was the title for Jones' first novel) for Bret when he and Kylee begin dating. Soon, they are involved intimately and Bret thinks perhaps his junior year might be OK after all. However, the resident bully and a school that tolerates bullying make life close to intolerable. The ultimate betrayal is when Kylee cheats on Bret with one of his friends. Thankfully, Bret finds sources of strength in several unusual places, the most unlikely supporter being his own father. The relationships in this novel are complex and unpredictable and very real. Jones imbues Bret with life by making him totally 3 dimensional. It is no fluke that Jones can create this real version of one teen's world; his work with YAs informs his professional writing and makes his novels ring true for teen readers.
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