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Showed up for church 30 minutes early: no seats. Stood in the balcony area while the first hour passed. Then, the 16 y/o resident passed out. Not once, but twice. Sent her home with hubby. Stayed until Communion with bride to be and fiance. Must have been 80+ degrees up there.

Then, came home and ate all the good food I fixed. Much better. People left all full of turkey and the rest. I fought the nap and read THE NEED by Carrie Jones (Bloomsbury, 2009). Zara is sent to live with her grandmother after her stepfather dies. She is having a difficult time adjusting to this loss; he and Zara were as close as fathers and daughters can be. Living with Gram means a new school, new friends, new routines. However, there is still the mysterious man following her. He was there in Charleston and now he is main in the snowy woods that surround Gram's house. This man wants Zara. When she learns who he is and why he wants her, Zara's world tilts dangerously. All she thought she knew is no longer true.

Wolves, weres, shapeshifers, pixies, and other creatures will this story and Zara's life as well. Some creatures are relatively benign and others wish her harm. Therein lies the suspense and the romance and the mystery that is NEED. This one should be wildly popular with those kids who have moved on from TWILIGHT and are not quite ready for Holly Black's urban fairie stories yet.
Tags: supernatural, ya
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