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STONECUTTER (Feiwel and Friends, 2009) by Jon Muth is a reissue of his 1994 book. Zen like illustrations underscore the bare bones story of a stone cutter who is unhappy with his lot in life. There always seems to be something or someone better, more powerful. And so stone cutter goes from cutting stones to being a merchant to official and so on. As the story moves full cycle, the message is patently clear: sometimes the most difficult thing in life is to see the purpose of what we do instead of longing for something more. As we near tomorrow's Easter celebration, it is sobering to reflect on this book.

Scout had a terrific morning helping me fold sheets (he crawls into the corner of the fitted sheet and snuggles down until I start to tickle him at which point we play the pretend-to-attack-Mommy game. Then he attacked the dryer sheets. He loves them and they make him soft and sweet smelling. Now he is curled up in his 11 o'clock position on the sofa. The cranberry sauce is made and in the fridge. No more I can do until morning when I putr the other side dishes together.
Tags: fables, parables

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