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Friday five

1. Met bride to be at mall where she was getting hair cut. Youngest resident of back bedroom managed to squeeze in a cut, too, and is so happy (for now).

2. Picked up all the stuff for Easter dinner. Was just going to be three, now five. Could be more by Sunday. Ham, turkey, cranberries (the real kind), green bean casserole, stuffing (I am from the East and we do not do dressing).

3. Scored five more wildflowers for resident's &^$#% biology project. She has 22 and needs 25. I guess we will drive another 50 miles out of town to find them. What are we learning here???

4. When we came back, we discovered that the women who were cleaning the house when we took off this morning had left the front door open. Thankfully, the screen door shut tightly or I would be in jail for murder. Scout looked up as we entered as if to say, "O hai. Anything for me in dose bags?"

5. Resident and better half are watching DVDs in the other room: "Switchblade" series from some years ago. Bad, bad, bad. I watched about five minutes and could not stop the sarcastic commentary. Thus, I am banished to the bedroom to read with Scout and Rocky. Boo hoo..

Happy Easter, Good Passover, y'all.

BEDA09 update: 10 for 10
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