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Dust in the Wind

The forthcoming Albert Marrin books, YEARS OF DUST (Dutton, August 2009) has been quite popular around the house as I have been reading it a chapter at a time in between some of the other books stacking up. This story of the Dust Bowl takes readers back before the severe dust storms to talk about what was happening to the land that would, ultimately, become part of the Dust Bowl here in the United States. Marrin effortlessly weaves science, history, and other disparate elements together to demonstrate the confluence of people, animals, farming and ranching techniques, and climate that resulted in the horrific conditions of the Dust Bowl times. A look forward to where the future dust bowls might occur (China for one) lets readers know that, despite knowing the causes of these disasters, man sometimes is too driven to plow under the soil and deplete this precious natural resource. Photographs abound to illustrate the defeated populations of those displaced from homes during the Dust Bowl era. Appwndices include important terms in a glossary, suggested readings, timelines, and notes. The audience range is 5-8 grade, but because the text is relatively easy to access it could be used with slightly younger readers as well.
Tags: dust bowl, nonfiction
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