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to be or not to be

I am halfway through John Marsden's HAMLET. I sat and read it while they were washing all the green pollen off the car this morning. I was so absorbed that I did not see them flagging me that the car was ready. I hope to have some more time to read later today, but I am enjoying this new variant tremendously. A quote from Chirs Crutcher about the book says it all. Paraphrasing here: this is a book that did what all the high school teacher's cajoling could not: got him to read and enjoy the story of the Prince who seeks revenge. As I read it, I am making copious notes about the references to the classic play along with the more contemporary references. Side by side they create an interesting take on the play and its characters.

Tomorrow I attend the proposal defense of one of my former MLS students. I am excited about her topic: read alouds.

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