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Miles to go before I sleep

I will have to scan the cover so you can see how perfect it is for this book. THE MILES BETWEEN by Mary Pearson (Holt, September 2009) will surprise readers of last year's JENNA FOX or perhaps it will confirm what many of her fans know: Pearson can tell a terrific story, one that captivates readers, draws them into a world previously unknown to them, holds them within the story releasing them not when the tale is told but when the reader has a chance to mull over what has happened to her and to the characters.

Not meaning to be cryptic at all here. Des, short for Destinay, wishes on the morning of her birthday for just one fair day, one day when the planets align and all that transpires is just and fair. When she finds a car idling in the driveway of her boarding school, Des is certain it is meant for her. Before long, there are three other teens on board for Des' day, her birthday, a day that has gone horribly wrong in the past. A stray lamb, a pair of red heels, and a chance encounter with the President in the men's room of a roadside eatery are just a few of the twists and turns to this absorbing tale of redemption.

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