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should I stay or should I go?

I asked Nancy Kubasek, librarian extraordinary, what her favorite book was so far this year. Without hesitation, her answer was IF I STAY. I picked it up after a nap this afternoon (thank goodness for Saturdays when napping is possible) and finished it off in one sitting.

The novel takes place in a 24 hour time period. Mia and her family decide to take their "snow day" off and head to the bookstore. As she drowses in the back seat of the car, Mia suddenly becomes aware that something has changed. An accident, one that leaves her parents dead at the scene and her younger brother seriously injured, also leaves Mia curiously outside of her own body. At first, she is certain she has died, but that is not the case. Now, as the clock ticks, Mia watches and comments on all that is happening around her.

Mia's voice is as clarion as the strains of her cello or the pounding of the punk beat her parents prefer. She is observant, humorous, wry, and honest as she struggles with the central question of the novel. As her father once said, Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you. What choices will Mia make?

Scout is watching me type from the top of the armoire, his new place to stretch out in the late afternoon. He is sleeping sitting up, incredible to watch. I think I would love to learn how to do that, too.
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