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Beneath the surface

Brent Runyon's first novel, THE BURN JOURNALS, was a autobiography that seared itself (no pun intended) into my memory. His latest offering, SURFACE TENSION, is novel that spans 4 summers in the life of the main character. From age 13 to 16, Luke spends two weeks each summer with his parents at their lakeside cabin. The summer is filled with routines (changing into the bathing suit immediately upon arrival and diving into the cold water of the lake to see how long he can hold his breath underwater) and as the 4 sections of the novel follow Luke through his teen years, readers can see the changes occurring in his life. Luke's relationships with his parents, his friends, the neighbors on the lake also mirror the changes in his own life. From naive to more "experienced," Luke's voice is clear and always at the forefront of all that happens in this small resort town.

It is lovely to have a day off to read after such a hectic week. I hope to make it through one more book today, but right now a nap is calling me...Rocky wants to curl up next to me, too.
Tags: coming of age, sleepy saturdays, ya books
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