professornana (professornana) wrote,

Day the Last of TLA

Dinner last night was with Victoria Stapleton and the rest of the Little Brown folks. We were at the new Discovery Park right next to the Convention Center at the GROVE restaurant (thanks, Zoe for the incredible dinner menu and the lovely setting). Justin Somper, Justina (call me Tina) Chen Headley, Sara Zarr, and Svetlana Chmakova were all there in addition to some of the most talented women of Texas school libraries. Lots of laughter and loud talk and more wine and more laughter and terrific food and then autographs. I now am the proud owner of a geo cache from Tina (read NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL) to understand the significance. Am exhausted now but after coffee will head back for couple of hours of booth duty before home.

Next year we are in San Antonio. Come. Come. Enjoy being with people who know and love books.

Hope Scout is waiting for me.

Tags: authors, little brown, tla
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