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TLA Day the Second

So, Day #2 began with a 3 hour breakfast with Joan Bauer. Wow, I needed that infusion. She is a wonderful friend and I loved having quiet time with her. Then it was on to the Convention Center where I offloaded all the boxes of door prize books and left my pal Lois Buckman guarding them on the curb. We carried in several loads with people trailing behind us wondering how to get their paws on the books and the bags.

Met Justin Somper (VAMPIRATES) and Traci Vaughn Zimmer (42 MILES) and Hope Anita Smith (KEEPING THE NIGHT WATCH) all while I was recovering from the exertion of moving boxes. Traci signed a copy of 42 MILES for me (squee!).

Then it was on to Ballroom C for my session on new books. About 1500 in attendance (if you booktalk, they will come). Hopefully, they left and went on to buy books like crazed librarians can. Dinner tonight is with Little Brown: Justin Somper, Sara Zarr, Justina Chen Headley. Psyched for this.

Last night's dinner with Candlewick Press was lovely. We talked GNs and comic books and Staer Wars with Matthew Reinhart and then had our books signed. I am close to the brink of exhaustion, but it is a good tired. We head over tomorrow morning for a couple of hours of booth work and then back home for the weekend.
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