professornana (professornana) wrote,

tractor love

Scottie Bowditch stopped me as I was leaving the TLA Exhibit Hall and told me to come to the booth to get Otis. I looked at my friend, raised an eyebrow in question, shrugged when she did the same, and off we went to Penguin. OTIS is the forthcoming picture book by Loren Long. I am in love with Otis, the tractor (and sorry there is no cover art to show you yet). Otis with his "putt puff puttedy chuff" sound that comforts a new born calf so that the 2 become fast friends. Beautifully crafted illustrations in greyscale and white and black with Otis in bright red and khaki and the calf in a warm brown are simply perfect for this story of friendship. Look for it in the fall.
Tags: picture books
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